2019 Project You Belong   

2019’s event was so fun!  We had hundred's of kids, families, volunteers and friends come to the park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to hang-out with one another, have good food, and enjoy a ton of entertainment!  We can't wait for next year's event!

Check-out the video from our 2019 Project You Belong event held in May!

Why this Project?


In Romans  10:14-15, Paul speaks about the necessity of sharing the Gospel and quotes Scripture saying, "how beautiful are the feet of the messenger who brings the Good News!"

Feet speak of motion, activity, going, doing.  The feet are beautiful because they are connected to the person who is in partnership with God and sharing the Good News.

WE ARE to be those messengers.

Jesus also promises us in John 14:18, "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."  We belong to Christ.  Children in care belong to Christ.  Their identity is not defined by their present day circumstances. 

"...how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?" (Romans 10:14b)

WE WILL be those messengers.

How Will We Do It?


The month of May is Foster Care Awareness month, and in partnership with Ventura County Foster Care, as well as, the local Private Placement Agencies and other affiliated organizations, our goal is to reach all 1,000 children with open dependency cases in the county.  We want to come alongside these foster families and caretakers to share joy and happiness, offer hope and comfort, and support these children's sense of belonging.

Parents and their children will come and have an opportunity to receive from those that love their hearts.  These parents and caretakers will have an opportunity to be shown that they are appreciated.

Join us.

What are we doing?


We are providing gift boxes to children that have an open case with Ventura County Foster Care.  There are many versions and forms of care that a child receives and we want to reach them all.

A gift box will be built by those who have a heart for these families and children.  The goal for a gift box will be measured by the "I'm super excited, this is awesome!" factor.  Meaning, the box should bring immediate happiness and joy to the child opening it!  Click here for GIFT BOX ideas!

Also, and most importantly, included will be a Bible for kids and the parents/caretakers, provided by Child Hope Services.  We want to see Jesus in the homes of these children and our prayer is that all would come to know Him.

These gift boxes will serve as a tangible expression of God's love for His children in care and for the foster families themselves.  We believe that this will be a powerful and impactful tool to share the Gospel.