An overview of what we do


HOPE          FUND

PURPOSE:  to help families with their specific and initial start-up needs, such as cribs, beds, strollers, car seats and other items for foster care and guardianship.  

HOW IT WORKS:  families will notify Child Hope Services requesting support.  The request will be reviewed and the family will be notified as soon as possible.

HOPE         CHEST

PURPOSE:  to provide families with one week of clothing and other necessary items.  This primarily pertains, but not limited to, foster families who have just been placed with a child.  This will free up the family to focus on taking care of and loving on their new addition in that first week.

HOW IT WORKS:  a family will notify Child Hope Services that they have been placed with a child.  We will then coordinate with the family to deliver a Hope Chest within 24-48 hours.


PURPOSE:  to be a place where like-minded families can be in community with one another.

HOW IT WORKS:  we hold quarterly events, such as park days with food and games, where the kids can play, have fun and the parents can meet one another.  This is a place where you can find commonality with others, and with intentionality and time, build relationships.  By creating relationships, this helps toward sustainability and gives support in this very unique, amazing life.