You can make a difference.


There are various roles in response to orphan care.  One way to offer hope to a child is by bringing them in to your loving home.  Another way that is equally as important, is supporting the families that are bringing these children in.  You can support these families and make a positive impact on a child's life through charitable giving to Child Hope Services.  Organizations like ours are dependent upon others who are compelled to take action through supportive donations, whether it be financial, clothing or other items.  Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to supporting the foster kids and families that we serve.  

become a hope Financial partner


Know that your monthly gift at any level will bring HOPE and the practical love of JESUS to countless children both in our local community and throughout the nation.  Your support will help provide a:


  • PROJECT BIRTHDAY SURPRISE for every teen and preteen housed in Group Homes.
  • CHRISTMAS STOCKING for every teen and preteen in Group Homes filled with wonderful gifts, but even more, the practical love of Jesus to celebrate the Christmas Season. 
  • ONGOING, ANNUAL EVENTS for foster families and foster kids such as PROJECT YOU BELONG and HOPE COMMUNITY.
  • ONGOING, ANNUAL EVENTS for teens and preteens housed in Group Homes such as PAMPERING DAYS, BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING DAYS, and similar events.


Please make your check payable to:  CHILD HOPE SERVICES, INC.  and mail to:  5021 Verdugo Way, Suite #105-162 Camarillo, CA 93012.

We are a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which allows you to receivea tax-deduction for your charitable gift.  Please use our EIN#:  47-2444130 on your tax forms. 

Clothing or Resource Donations


We accept donations of clothing for children 0-10 years old, cribs, beds and car seats.  These items will be donated to foster and adoptive families as they bring children in to their homes.  We also accept other items and in-kind donations which will be sold through fund raising.  The funds raised will be used to support foster and adoptive families as they start the process to get approved and setup.  In regards to donated clothing, it is important to know that families bringing children in to their homes highly value them and so do we.  We want their clothes and other items that we give them to reflect that.  Please do not donate clothing that is ripped, torn, over-washed or otherwise in bad condition.  TAKE ACTION by emailing us so we can coordinate with you to drop-off at our office!

Learn More


If you are interested in learning more about traditional foster care, guardianship, private, international adoption or any other form of orphan care, TAKE ACTION by contacting any of the agencies on our Stay Connected page to learn more.

Volunteer with Us


Open, print and complete the volunteer application.  Once completed, please email to our Community Outreach Coordinator, Bethany, at bethany@childhopeservices.org.